This Appeal we make upon you is not a mere narration of a specific happening. It is the voice and the quest for the Justice of those residents of the city of Khojaly that survived due to a spontaneous occurrence following the attack of Armenians that left this ancient settlement of Azerbaijan ravaged overnight while exterminating its population, including elderly, women and children.

During the night from the 25th to the 26th of February 1992, the Armenians have committed a genocide characterized by the unseen cruelty against the Azerbaijani people with the direct support of personnel and the use of military means of the 366lh motorized regiment of the Russian Federation deployed in the city of Khankendi (Stepanakert). Encircled from all angles, the city of Khojaly has been subjected to a heavy shelling by artillery and other military vehicles to open the way for blood thirsty Armenians to set the city ablaze and shot without distinction all elderly, women and children with some of residents tortured to death, burnt and beheaded alive, got their body organs severed and eyes gouged out. The civilians that have sought to escape the town in that freezing winter night and running away to save their lives from the Armenian blood willing barbarians have come to the targets of Armenians shooting them in a trap organized beforehand between the districts of Agdam and Asgaran. The wounded people were taken prisoners, We find it hard to describe the tortures made by Armenians to the civilians held in captivity.

During those tragic days, 613 out of 3000 persons still remaining in Khojaly are brutally slaughtered by Armenians. Over 1200 residents became the disabled persons because of various bullet wounds. Among the dead, there are 106 women, 63 children and newly boms and over 60 elderly persons aged over 70. 8 families are totally annihilated. 25 children have lost both parents and 130 of them have never seen again either of their parents.

Armenians that were moved from Iran and Turkey to settle in the Azerbaijani lands with the Russian mediation in the first of XIX century have never stopped since then their attacks against our people by causing big tragedies, genocides and deportations to attempt the realization of their ill-conceived idea to create “the Great Armenia". Dreaming to pursue thisdirtypolicy, they have been also committing genocides against the residents of Khojaly as it was seen in other districts of Azerbaijan over various periods of time.

Only in XX century, in 1905, 1918 and 1992, Armenians have burnt the city of Khojaly by putting an end to the lives of residents through numerous tortures driving out the Khojaly people from their native homes. This is the true nature of Armenians that always try to portray themselves as ‘the most suffering people’ in front of the international community.

The outcomes of the occupation policy of Armenians have resulted by the ousting of over 1 million of our fellow compatriots of their ancestral lands.

Ignoring 4 resolutions of the UN on unconditional withdrawal from the occupied Azerbaijani lands, they use those territories as a safe haven for drugs productions and terrorist camps by challenging the entire international community. It is very sad to see that world’s leading

powers and international organizations use double standards instead of being more objective in relation to Azerbaijan suffering from the Armenian aggression.

We appeal on the world nations, peoples and international organizations to prevent the ill- conceived policies of Armenia, recognized the Khojaly genocide committed by Armenians and help in the soonest return of the occupied lands of Azerbaijan and give the unbiased assessment to current realities.

Using as a pretext of “the Armenian genocide” invented deliberately and never happened in the history, the major part of developed countries turn a blind eye to this truth and tries to use it as a mean of pressure. Heads of some developed countries give statements by visiting Armenia on the anniversary of this fake genocide. This is seen by us as an example of double standards based approach to the Khojaly genocide and the events in Nagorno Karabakh as a whole.

This appeal was adopted on 06 February 201 g at the district level meeting of the Khojaly population.















































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